Why I say “No”

This article popped up on my Fox News Feed today about Flexing your “No Thanks” Muscle that I wanted to share because this concept has made such a drastic change in my own mindset and sanity. I used to be the type of person plagued by fear of telling someone no. Until I would overburden myself and snap at those I love the most. I wish I could share where I learned this lesson over the years. I’m sure it was some fantastic book or article that has since left my brain but the lesson remains…Focus your family values, your goals, your family mission statement, whatever you want to call it. FIND YOUR FOCUS, write it down and put it somewhere you can see everyday. Say yes to the tasks and activities that further those values or align with them, and say no to the rest. I ask “why are we doing this?” all the time. Busy work can overwhelm you without any real benefit other than saying its done. Are you doing something to people please? Or is there an actual benefit to yourself or someone else that aligns with your values and focus? As Peter Bregman says in the article, “No thanks,” paves the road for “yes please,” and it simplifies your decisions and your life. It helps you do fewer unimportant things.” Is this an area you struggle with?



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