Travel Journal {Singapore}

Singapore was a stopover for us on our way to and from Thailand. We planned on using our space-A military flight benefit to get us almost to Thailand, and then booked tickets to Phuket once we made it there. It took us an extra week due to a massive snow storm in Tokyo derailing the flight plans the week we had planned, but we finally made it. Hubby had to be back in Japan for a flight out to the states so he left early on a commercial flight while me and the boys waited in Singapore for a space-a flight back home. He did manage to surprise us with a stay at the Marina Bay Sands. There just happened to be a massive conference going on at the time and all the standard rooms I think were overbooked. So they gave us a free upgrade to a suite…and it was bigger than our townhouse back in Japan.

(Not pictured is the master suite with gorgeous bathroom, media room with soundproof walls and bar.)


The view out our balcony… The Gardens by the Bay was the only thing I had actually researched about Singapore and wanted to see. But I hadn’t researched where they were so I was pleasantly surprised to see it right outside our windows. 😀



The hotel is famous for the boat on top. It has a rooftop infinity pool that is beyond amazing. It gets a bit chilly up there though with the wind at the top. I didn’t stay in the water for long. :)




The Garden’s by the Bay were absolutely gorgeous and the Supertree Grove makes you feel like you are in another world. Walking around the grounds is free but if you want to go into any of the domes or do the tree walk there’s an entrance fee.

IMG_5307 _MG_0077 _MG_0067

At night they do a special light show set to music at the Supertree Grove. We watched from our hotel balcony.


Here’s the domes inside the gardens. The Cloud Forest was beautiful with the tall waterfall, planted walls and cool misty air. The other dome was the Flower Dome, which didn’t hold the boys interest for too long, but I was able to show Logan the different plants from each region of the world. They had a gorgeous African Baobob and and a thousand year old Olive Tree inside. The children’s water garden looked fun as well, but was closed for maintenance.

IMG_5330 _MG_0095 _MG_0118 _MG_0134 _MG_0143

We made it through the mall and over to the helix bridge and the ArtScience Museum to see the Dinosaurs.  The museum is the flower looking building in the pictures. Brayden was a bit scared by the dark rooms and loud roaring, but we made it through ok. :)

IMG_5369 IMG_5371 IMG_5359


After a full day of site seeing we hopped in a cab and switched hotels to one a bit more budget friendly (Holiday Inn Atrium) in the Robertson Quay district. It’s your basic Holiday Inn. Nothing too exciting about it. The next morning we lucked out and caught our space-A flight back home on the first go-around! :)


I’m really hoping we will be back to Singapore before our tour in Japan is over. We weren’t able to get to Sentosa Island at all, which I know the kids would love. There are so many other places we’d like to visit first though. By the way, we stayed at the Crown Plaza Hotel which is attached to the Changi Airport. It’s a bit pricey, but so convenient to have the terminal access attached to the hotel. We didn’t have to pay for a cab in the morning and we also had access to the airport food court for dinner. Singapore is so incredibly easy to travel with kids and their official language is English. I felt like I was visiting an American city with their burger restaurants and beer bars. :)




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