Travel Journal {Seven Falls of Kawazu, Japan}

After our first night camping on the Izu¬†Peninsula, we set out in the morning for Kawazu-Nanadaru (Seven Falls of Kawazu), a series of seven waterfalls along the Kawazu River. Each waterfall had a statue of one of the Seven Gods of Fortune. It’s a pretty easy hike until you start climbing the stairs. They go a long ways up to the last lookout. :) To get to the waterfall area you have to drive over the famous spiral bridge, a double loop spiral suspended in the valley between two mountainsides. I wish I was able to get a picture but with the construction going on there was no where to pull over.

This suspension bridge was pretty fun. It has stairs and goes up, down, and up again to the other side.

_MG_0765 _MG_0817 _MG_0847

These are wishing rocks. You pay for three chances to make it into this little rock nest out over the river for your wish to come true.


Cherry blossom season was pretty much over for us, but there were still beautiful flowering trees everywhere.


Orange groves were also flourishing in the area. The owner of the campground brought us a bag of fresh oranges one morning with a big smile.


Random signs I find humorous. What does this say?! Because it looks like screaming children to me. :)


Notice no people! We had a wonderful time seeing the area in the morning before all the Tokyo tour buses started rolling in midday.




There were a few shops along the route. This area is known for its wasabi so you can find plenty of specialty items and fresh wasabi to take home.




This wasabi paddy was just up the road from the Seven Falls. It’s grown under shade in mountain stream beds. You can see the more mature wasabi towards the back of the first picture and to the right in the second picture.


This map is going to be a bit hard to see. These were the tourist points of interest around the Izu. So helpful to have it in English. We found a few fun spots we had no idea were in the area. Be sure to check the map if you get to the Izu for anything else that peaks your interest.


IMG_6670 IMG_6672

More pictures from the Shimoda beach areas and the beautiful Jogasaki coast coming up!

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