Travel Journal {Izu Peninsula, Japan}

Meet the Izu Peninsula. Beautiful in so many ways. These were all taken near the town of Shimoda, said to be Tokyo’s closer version of Okinawa.
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You can find the sand ski hill here and the Ryugu Sea Cave, both right next to each other. I imagine sunrise is the best time to view the cave with the sunlight streaming in through the cave opening. We came towards the end of the afternoon and the light wasn’t too magical. If you take the overview trail you can look down at the heart shape cove it forms and can see the ski hill down below. Bring your own saucer or sand board and get ready to get a mouthful. :)

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We stopped by the seaside pinwheel park before heading back to camp for dinner. I couldn’t find any information online about it though. I’m not sure if it’s there all the time? Or left over from a festival. I think it was at the Shimoda Harbor. We could see the black ship from there.

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The next day we packed up and headed up the coastline for home. The tourist map that I posted here had a suspension bridge listed at the Jogasaki coast so we decided to detour off the main road an check it out. I’m so glad we did. The Jogasaki coast is incredible. There’s a hiking trail that leads right along the coastline to the suspension bridge. It was 500yen to park and then the bridge and lighthouse were free. There’s a small shop with souvenirs and ice cream.

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We drove right past the Atami castle and decided to stop by. The Trick Art Museum was right next door. I wouldn’t recommend either. :) There’s just not much to them and you’ll end up spending a bit for parking and admission.


That’s it for our Izu trip! We had such a fun time camping and even with the steep prices for sleeping in a tent, we will do it again. Our souls were refreshed being outside for an entire weekend.

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