Travel Journal {Hong Kong, Tian Tan Buddha}

One of our port visits to see hubby was Hong Kong. We wanted to give the kids a fun vacation this time and not drag them around to too many cultural places, so the amusement parks were our priority. Our flight got in late in the evening and I knew we would all be tired and unfamiliar with the area so I booked a room at the Regal Airport hotel since hubby wouldn’t be able to join us until the following day. The next morning we set out for Hong Kong Disneyland via the train system, which is so much easier to figure out than the Japanese routes.

Some Narita Airport shenanigans, airport hotel entertainment and B patiently waiting for daddy to meet us at the Disneyland Hotel. Travel with Kids

Hong Kong Disneyland is on Lantau Island, which is also where the Tian Tan Buddha is so we made a trip out to the Buddha the first day instead of going into the park for the afternoon. We had a late start and unfortunately the stairs up to the Buddha were closed. And hubby, who had been there before, didn’t tell me about the shops and restaurants. Probably because I would have spent half the day up there. If you are planning on going, leave yourself time to shop in the small shops. They have some unique ones and I think it took us almost 20-25 minutes to take the cable car up to the Buddha. We also didn’t have time to see the monastery. Really, I could use another day exploring up there. :)

First, we were so excited to this man. 😀Hong Kong

Hong KongThe dogs reminded me of the ones freely roaming in Athens, and there were also long horned cattle sleeping alongside the cars in the parking lot. Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong

Next up is Hong Kong Disneyland. :)




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