Travel Journal {Hong Kong Disneyland}

What I loved about Hong Kong was the ease of the train system. There aren’t too many routes so figuring it out is pretty easy. There’s a ticket kiosk and an English option. You pay to your final destination so there’s no buying tickets at transfer stations. From the airport we took the train in the Hong Kong direction to the next stop, Tsing Yi, transferred to the Tung Chung line and took that train to the Sunny Bay station, stepped off the train and into the Disneyland line which took us right to the property.

Hong Kong Disneyland


Here’s a map to their train system. Hong Kong MRT map

There’s two hotels near the property and a shuttle service connects you to the park. There’s no monorail service which is kind of a bummer. The shuttle route goes from the train station to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and then to Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. Both hotels are fairly close to each other and there’s a walking path along the street if you didn’t want to wait for the shuttle to access each hotel. There’s a few drawbacks to the shuttle service that you need to plan on. First is venturing to the other hotel. For instance, if you were staying at the Hollywood Hotel and wanted to do the character dining at the Disneyland Hotel, you would wait in line for the shuttle. The shuttle brings you to the park first, you would get off that shuttle bus and walk over to the area where the buses are leaving for the hotels and try to catch the one that was just about to leave. Then the first stop is the Disneyland Hotel. Otherwise your option is to walk between the properties, which may be faster but unpleasant in the heat of the day. The other drawback is in the morning, the shuttle picks up park-goers from the Disneyland Hotel and then stops at the Hollywood Hotel. So a few times we were in line only a few people got on at a time from the Hollywood Hotel because the bus was mostly full from the previous hotel. We stayed at the Hollywood Hotel. It was about $100 cheaper per night so we figured the hassle was worth the price difference. The Disneyland Hotel however has better dining options. We found the Hollywood Hotel to be very strict on check-in time, regardless if rooms were ready early or not. I was told the park itself has a luggage storage area, so most people stored their luggage the first day and enjoyed the park until the evening and then checked into the hotel so they weren’t waiting around for a room.

Here’s the property grounds at the Hollywood Hotel. They have a great playground and pathway along the water featuring classic cars. Their zero entry pool was great too for the kids. The room was pretty standard. Our room faced the park and although the vegetation was too think to see much of the park, we were able to see fireworks from our hotel window and then put the boys right to bed.

Hong Kong DisneylandWe took the shuttle to the Disneyland Hotel for breakfast in their cafe one morning which was very good. The boys played in the shrub maze afterwards. The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is over at the Disneyland Hotel and I’m told their character dining at the Disneyland Hotel is better than the character dining at the Hollywood Hotel where you only get to meet Chef Mickey.

Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong DisneylandAfter our Chef Mickey breakfast, we headed to the park. :)

Hong Kong DisneylandWe entered the park right as they were opening and the crowds didn’t seem too bad. Here they had yet to let people past Main Street so these were all the people in the park when it opened.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong DisneylandHong Kong Disneyland hasn’t embraced the Fast Pass system yet. They offer it on Space Mountain and Winnie the Pooh only. But with so few people in the park I don’t remember waiting very long for any ride. Hong Kong DisneylandA few familiar sights around the park. Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong DisneylandHong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong DisneylandNormally I stay clear of It’s a Small World. But the weather at Hong Kong Disneyland is an entirely different beast. We were sweating buckets before we even left the hotel. I think the heat index for the day we went was about 106 degrees. The humidity was making for a very cranky momma so I took B into It’s a Small World while the bigger boys did Space Mountain and oh glorious air conditioning. The one day I would have put up with the same song on repeat just for the a/c. B was mesmerized by the ride and music though.Hong Kong DisneylandHong Kong DisneylandWe headed around to the other side of the park to lands we had yet to see in the other Disney parks. We loved walking around Toy Story land, although I stayed off most of the rides and let hubby take the boys. They were more fair-type rides that spun in small circles which makes me want to throw up, so I stay clear of them. What a fun land to walk through, though it is small. Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong DisneylandJust past Toy Story Land is Mystic Point. The land is small and didn’t have much except a really great curry restaurant and the Mystic Manor ride, which may be a new favorite Disney ride. It’s similar to the Haunted Mansion in set-up, but the storyline was based on Lord Henry Mystic and his mischievous monkey Albert who opens an enchanted box and brings the manor to life. We had both boys with us on the ride and there were parts that were a bit scary for them, but they made it out with smiles on their faces. Hong Kong Disneyland Hong Kong DisneylandThe last land that was a bit different was Grizzly Gulch. I took Logan on the Runaway Mine Car roller coaster (similar to Thunder Mountain but much improved). They also had a water area with geysers and water guns where they could cool off. Hong Kong DisneylandAcross the way was Tarzan’s treehouse. Logan and I made our way over there while B was sleeping and it’s pretty much the same as in the states.

We did catch a glimpse of one of the parades on our way out of the park in the afternoon. The heat had done us in and we were heading back to spend the rest of the day at the pool.Hong Kong DisneylandThe Disneyland park is easily doable in one day. You could use your arrival day to see the Tian Tan Buddha, which is on the same island and a short train ride away. I have a hard time deciding between Disneyland and Ocean Park, however. I’m thankful we didn’t have choose. I’ll do a separate post on Ocean Park, but both parks have unique elements you won’t find anywhere else. Ocean Park is more geared towards older kids. There are a lot more roller coasters and I think older children would enjoy Ocean Park more but for us with younger kids we kept ourselves entertained at both parks.





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