Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland {pt 2}

We went to Tokyo Disneyland right around Easter this year and it was significantly busier than when we had gone in the winter to DisneySea. We have all been to the Disney parks in Florida as well as in California so riding every ride wasn’t a priority for us. We mainly wanted to leisurely experience the park and have a fun family day without rushing to ride everything.

Tokyo Disneyland

The boys picked Dumbo as the first ride of the day. Which was good, because we got it over with in a 10 minute wait. :)
Tokyo Disneyland

Disneyland has much of the same rides as back in the states, it’s just laid out differently. So for instance Splash Mountain we are used to seeing this tall mountain with a pointy log at the top. Here it is more like a hillside but the interior of the ride is mostly the same. And the story is in Japanese. :)

Tokyo Disneyland  www.homelifeart.comTokyo Disneyland  www.homelifeart.comJapan is the only place I have never felt out of place carrying my big camera around even though I only had my iPhone with me on this day as well. I know this iPhone image is small but look to the left side of the image. Notice the Donald Duck paparazzi? :)Tokyo Disneyland Tokyo Disneyland The park was beautiful in its spring colors. I did find it odd that they were celebrating Easter in the park and not just spring since Shinto and Buddhism are the primary religions practiced here. Perhaps the association isn’t made that Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ and they treat it as a spring celebration instead. Tokyo Disneyland  www.homelifeart.comI was so happy to see the Electrical Parade here. It’s one of my favorite memories visiting the California Disneyland as a child every year. Hubby and I did have a chuckle after the parade was over. We were expecting the fireworks shortly after the parade ended but the crowd dispersed. We thought perhaps they know something we don’t? So we asked one of the cast members and they assured us it was till going on. So we sat and waited with front row awesome seats right in front of the castle. And they lasted maybe a minute. :) Now I see why nobody waited.Tokyo Disneyland  www.homelifeart.comIf you have to make a choice on which park to see, and you’ve seen one of the Disneyland parks in the states, then go to DisneySea. And if you missed the post on DisneySea, you can view it here. Healthy food options were harder to find at Disneyland than at DisneySea. I think I ended up with a turkey leg from a stand for lunch and grilled chicken at a restaurant in Critter Country for dinner. What is unique to the Tokyo park is their popcorn stands. They have flavored popcorn such as curry, carmel, strawberry, soy sauce and butter, honey, etc.  Odd but weirdly good. :)




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