Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland {pt 1}

We’ve been to both Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland now, but at different times. If I had to suggest one for you to visit I’d say go to DisneySea. It’s a completely unique park unlike Disneyland, which pretty much has the exact same rides as back in the states. The Tokyo Disney parks are notorious for their large crowds. You can check the crowd forecast before planning your dates. We did not stay at any of the hotels nearby either. This is the first time we’ve been within driving distance to any Disney park and we chose to just come home after our day of fun. The drive is an easy one, especially at night after the traffic has eased up.

These are the pictures of DisneySea. We didn’t get around to seeing everything the park had to offer so we will likely be back before our tour ends here.

Tokyo DisneySea   www.homelifeart.comGoing into the park. I read hotel MiraCosta has rooms that overlook the harbor with the volcano and fireworks in the background. That’s where I would stay if we were staying overnight.Tokyo DisneySea

IMG_3231 IMG_3320 IMG_3316 IMG_3355 IMG_3342 IMG_3434IMG_3431 The volcano erupts too! I’m not sure the frequency. Maybe every hour? IMG_3430 IMG_3429 IMG_3423 IMG_3331 IMG_3439 IMG_3447 IMG_3449 IMG_3245 IMG_3318 IMG_3299I only had my iPhone with me, so these are a bit hard to see, but this was the Mermaid Lagoon and is perfect for little kids. We came here shortly after we entered the park and the boys almost had the run of the place.IMG_3427 IMG_3250Both Tokyo Disney Parks have FastPass available. I would definitely suggest using it for the more popular rides. The Toy Story ride is huge here and always has a long wait. So is Tower of Terror and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Always be thinking of the next fast pass you want to grab when the time is up. And as for food, I was a little bit worried with this after friends had told me Tokyo Disney isn’t comparable to the states. The food was surprisingly good. We had curry over at the Arabian Coast which even the boys devoured and dinner was salmon and rice for me at Port Discovery. They have wonderful kids meals as well and I’m still wondering how they make a hard boiled egg with Mickey yoke inside. Both restaurants we ate at were cafeteria style and the healthy options were more abundant at these Disney parks than back in the states. We made the mistake of not downloading the park map before we left. And we knew absolutely nothing about most rides. So it was fun in a way exploring on our own without expectations, but I think we missed out on a few rides. I would do a bit of research on which rides you want to go to first. There is quite a bit of English in the parks. There’s always English menus available and you’ll be surprised how much English is on the signs just as decor in the park. Most of the stories and songs on the rides however, are still in Japanese. If we go again I’ll try and get more pictures of the details and food of the park!

IMG_3426 IMG_3415To see the images from Disneyland, click here!