Night Zoo at Zoorasia {Yokohama, Japan}

I braved the night zoo at Zoorasia alone with the boys and we had such a fun time. We arrived about 4:00pm and had most of the park to ourselves. We walked around a bit to see the “day” animals before they put them away for the night. . About 4:45pm or so they started roping off areas and filtering people into the night zoo routes and we made our way over towards the carnival area to try and find the dino show. Zoorasia night zooI brought a picnic dinner for the boys and we spread out a blanket in the area I though was going to be the Dino show. It takes place right in front of the Kiroko Lodge so if you spread out a blanket directly facing it you’ll have a good view of the show. Here’s a short clip of the show:

It wasn’t anything like I expected and the dinosaurs were creeping me out with how real they looked and the hissing they did.Zoorasia night zooZoorasia night zooA list of the show times and night route through the park. I think the night zoo is only offered for the month of August. Zoorasia night zooZoorasia night zoo



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