Nanasawa Forest Park {Atsugi, Japan}

Can I tell you how excited I was to find this park? I was looking around google maps to see which big green blobs were close by on the map and found this one in Atsugi. So we drove up there one day to check it out, not knowing what we’d find. It has some amazing hiking trails and the park is huge! The drive up is gorgeous as well with the rolling hills. We parked in one of the lots right off the road, but I couldn’t tell you if you have to pay or not. All the signs were in Japanese and no one was around to ask. So we parked and went on our way hoping the car wouldn’t get towed. :) We also have no idea if you have to pay to get into the park. We didn’t find a pay station, so we went on in and no one asked. There’s a lot of hiking trails and picnic trails, and a lot of vertical walking. Leave the stroller at home. You’ll get a good thigh workout walking all the steps. You can reserve bbq’s as well. You can also run their website through a translator for more information. I believe they have craft classes, nature walks, etc, at the park as well.

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This was a map at the park. I think it shows you all the trails there. I felt like we only saw a very small portion of the park and we were hiking around for a few hours. There’s also a trail map on their website.




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