Making Math Fun

Math is getting boring around here! I am constantly amazed with Logan’s ability to just understand things with little instruction. He must get that from his daddy. But now I’m struggling to vary his math practice without boring him to death by worksheet. So here’s a round up of games and activities that we are replacing math worksheets with for review on addition, subtraction, money and measurement. Most of these can be done as independent study, which makes for a happy momma. I may add to this post as we think of more. :)

Click on each link for the corresponding file.

How Long is It? Scavenger Hunt
These are simple to put together. No need to even type them out. Just write a list of things in your household and send them on their way with the necessary measurement tools. Afterwards you can regroup and find out which was the longest, shortest, and how they got creative in measuring the longer distances. You can tailor this to higher math levels by having them measure to the nearest half inch, sixteenth, etc. You can also do a hunt for volume, area, etc for household items.

Buy My Lunch Math Game 
Create a menu of lunch items you frequently make for your child. Every day after lunch he has to “pay his bill” by adding up the amounts and giving me the correct amount of change. We keep a coin box with lots of loose change (not for spending) just for this purpose. Here’s the editable version.

Addition/Subtraction Concentration
Print out the addition/subtraction math cards on colored card stock. What I love about this game is they flip each over a few times per game and have to re-add it up in their heads. Blissful repetition. :) Note: I don’t give him these cards all at once. So I pick and choose between the questions and corresponding answers per game.

If you are curious what we are doing for our homeschool curriculum around here, you can read about on this post. :)



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