Fujiten Skiing

Fujiten Snow Resort is a great place to take young kids just learning how to ski or snowboard. I can’t speak to the rest of the mountain though. We only paid for a lift ticket for hubby. He said there wasn’t much vertical but the view was good. :) The boys gear and mine were rented through our outdoor recreation and we took the MWR bus up to Fujiten. I’m not sure this was the best value tour to get up there. I think it ended up costing about $100 for the 4 of us for transportation there and back. You could drive a family for much cheaper but not having to deal with the Japanese roads and mindlessly sitting on a bus with kids after we’re all worn out has it’s appeal. If you have small kids just learning how to ski, plan on spending your time in the cheaper Kids Land. Admission is 700yen vs the 4000yen left ticket for adults, 3000yen for children (4-11). It’s small though. Older kids will easily get bored after a few hours of riding the magic carpet up the same little hill. If I remember right, you can rent a little disk sled for 500yen. They have a separate magic carpet lift for the sledding hill. For lunch we ate at the noodle shop on the bottom floor of the lodge. They had soba, ramen, udon and a few other choices. There are lockers you can rent for 500yen and 300yen depending on the size you need. But that charge is every time you open the locker so make sure you have what you need before you close it up. As you enter the main building, there’s a hallway to your right near the store. Follow that all the way down and you’ll find the lockers.

Here’s a few iPhone pics from our day. :)Fujiten Skiing with kids    www.homelifeart

Daddy had his work cut out for him teaching all three of us how to ski. Still undecided if I like it more than snowboarding. Fujiten Skiing with kids    www.homelifeart

This kid was a beast skiing for his first time. He said skiing was even more fun than sledding. :)

Fujiten Skiing with kids    www.homelifeart

Should have taken a family pic at the start of our day and not at the end when the boys feet are hurting. B’s got his grumpy face on. Fujiten Skiing with kids    www.homelifeart

Fujiten doesn’t seem to get much snow. All of it was man-made when we were there. If you’re looking for some really good skiing, forgo Fujiten and plan a trip to Nagano instead. Otherwise this was a good place for a family just looking to introduce our kids to the sport. :)



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